Future Meetings

Next Meeting:

Mappy new year everyone! Our first meeting of the year is  Friday 17th Jan at noon. Meet in the East Building foyer.

We’ll watch an 18 min video of David McCandless talking about visualisation.

After that, there will time for cake and knocking around ideas for the rest of the semester. The idea with moving MASS to Friday lunchtime:  if we end up doing something coding-based, it might not matter too much if it leaks over into Friday afternoon…

Friday 31st January at noon – OpenStreetMap in QGIS & R

Robin Lovelace will be doing a tutorial on OpenStreetMap.

A repository of this project can be found on GitHub here.

Ideas for future meetings:


There are lots of paper suggestions on the Papers page.

Practicals / Tutorials

SimCity, e.g. see here (Nick A to organise)

Tutorial on MASON (Alison to organise)

Tutorial on Python (Nick to organise)

Web-GIS tutorial, specifically using Open Street Map (Andy Turner?)

JUnit and testing tutorial (Kirk)

Microsimulation tutorial

GitHub tutorial [Andy E]

Discussion of the best ways to teach and learn coding.

Glossary day. Bring one word you think everyone is bluffing they understand, and your best explanation of it.

Arc1 tutorial [Andy E and Nick M]