About Robin Lovelace

I’m an environmental geographer previously based in Bristol (BSc, Geography), Salamanca (for an Erasmus year), York (MSc, Environmental Science) and most recently Sheffield for a PhD entitled “The energy costs of commuting: a spatial microsimulation approach”.

I started work in Leeds as a Research Fellow as part of the Talisman node of the Nationaly Centre for Research Methods in summer 2013. My role in Talisman is to apply spatial microsimulation and related methods to problems of transport modelling agent-based modelling and explore various techniques for visualisation. I aim to harness my research for the greater good.

I am an advocate of free and open source software for geography (FOSS4G, another contrived acronym) and believe these tools have the capacity to move geography away from the stuffy confines of academia and into the wild. Specifically I have expertise in the following areas:

For further information please see my website www.robinlovelace.net or email me at R.Lovelace [at] leeds.ac dot uk.